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World History Syllabus

Course Description

The course content provides students with the knowledge and geography skills needed to understand the development of the major historical events of the world. Special emphasis will be given to activities that foster a better understanding, tolerance, and respect for cultures, traditions, and histories different from our own.

A major component of the course is skill development and enhancement. To include the following:

  • Communication and literacy development: Reading, writing, listening, speaking

  • Grade Control & Organization: Students will have a major role keeping track of their own progress, with constant feedback on the part of the teacher

  • Ability to interpret various pieces of spatial information: maps, charts, tables, graphs, time-lines, diagrams, etc.

  • Effective use and understanding of concepts such as cause and effect, historical accuracy and relevance

  • Critical evaluation of historical sources. Purposes and motives. Why do we even address it?

  • Understanding of basic economic principles.

  • Study skills, using resources appropriately and effectively.

  • Test taking skills

  • Peer assistance and reinforcement

  • Character education: Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Empathy, etc.

  • Punctuality and appropriateness

The purpose of this class is the skills that will help you both academically and in the real world. Therefore, it is impossible to cover everything. Quality will always take precedence over quantity.


  • You will write in this class.

    • Objectives will be written down prior to every lesson.

    • Daily Essential Questions about the lessons. This is worth 10pts for each occurence and a semester cumulative of 500pts.

    • Writing Proficiency Practice - SIX times a semester, lowest score to be dropped.

Attendance & Tardies

  • Attendance is taken at the beginning of the period.

    • Disruptive tardies will not be tolerated. Please come in quietly.

    • DO NOT sneak in. Be sure I know you are not absent.

    • See Assign #119 - Tardies cost you 10pts. per occurrence. You have been granted 3 free ones. If at the end of any week you have a negative grade for this assignment your earned extra credit will be erased. You may make up tardies with a 30 minute after-school detention for each.

    • Tardies past five minutes may cost 50% of the assignment for the day.

  • 10 points daily are given for the Daily Objectives. These may only be made up if with a current event if absent.

  • Do not anticipate the close of class. Please, remain in your seat until dismissed.

  • Please do not abuse pass privileges.

  • You have Fine unverified absences, before you lose your grade. No attendance appeals will be accepted for any absence prior to the last three weeks of a semester.

Opening Procedures

  • This class has a set opening procedure daily. Please make it a habit.

    • Copy Daily Objectives: You will be asked questions from these.

    • Answer Essential Question: May happen beginning, during, or at end of class.

    • Update Assignment Sheet: This is a required assignment.

Grading Policy

This class functions on a total point basis. No (-) grades are issued. Sorry, but a 59% is still failing. Do something extra to bring it up.

100 - 90 = A 89 - 80 = B 79 - 70 = C 59 - 60 = D 0 - 59 = F
  • You are required to update a grade graph weekly.

    • It is worth 10pts for each occurence and a semester cumulative of 180pts.

    • Please complete immediately upon reciept and turn in. You will never take this assignment out od the room.

  • Do not wait until the end to worry about your grade! Keep up with it as we go along and take advantage of extra credit whenever available.


  • All work is due on assigned due dates. BE ORGANIZED! Your preferred method is not important as long as it works. The assignment sheet is required. Keep it updated.

  • Please put assignment numbers on your assignments. This is for your benefit. Keeping track of your assignments will be much easier if you do so.

  • Sorry, no late work will be accepted.

  • However, you will have plenty of opportunities to work in advance as well as earn extra credit for doing so.

Make-Up Work for Excused Absences

  • Tests are announced in advance and students are expected to make-up the test/quiz upon the day of their return.

  • Students will have ONE WEEK after an absence to do make-up work.

Extra Credit

  • Extra Credit may be earned during the semester.

    • Up to 30pts for No Tardies.

    • Many points for printing assignments in advance.

    • Extra credit will be given for mistakes made on work given to you. This includes the website. First to notice gets the credit.

Turn these notes in! - If it is on the assignment sheet and you want credit drop it in the box.