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World War Two

» The Human Costs of World War Two

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Human Costs World War Two Chart

Answer the following questions from the chart above.

In World War II, Japan, Germany and the Soviet Union

had the largest armies.
were Allied nations
fought against the U.S.
entered the war late.

What conclusion could be drawn based upon the information on the chart?

Only seven countries participated in World War II.
More countries were in the Allies than in the Axis.
France sent more soldiers to war than the U.S. did.
The Soviet Union sent the most soldiers to WWII.

Which statement MOST LIKELY explains the differences in statistics for the U.S. and Great Britain?

The United States is much larger than Great Britain.
America's population is larger than Great Britain's.
Great Britain entered WWII after the United States.
The United States was fighting hard to win the war.

What human costs does this chart NOT take into account?
(Requires Two Sentences)