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7th & 8th Social Studies


7th Grade

Unit 00: Geography & Fundamentals

Unit 01: American Revolution: An Experiment in Democracy

Unit 02: Forming a New Nation: The Constitution & Bill of Rights

Unit 03: The Early Years: George Washington to James Madison

Unit 04: Early Westward Expansion: Lure of the West

Unit 05: Antebellum America: A Nation in Crisis

Unit 06: Civil War: A Nation Torn Apart

Unit 07: Reconstruction

Unit 08: Closing the Frontier: From Sea to Shining Sea

Unit 09: Financial Literacy

8th Grade

Unit 10: Growing Pains: Immigration & Industrialization

Unit 11: Checkmate: America as an Imperial Power

Unit 12: Cosmopolitan Consumerism, Debilitating Depression, The Roaring 20s, and the Great Depression

Unit 13: Awakening the Sleeping Giant: American Power During WWII

Global Studies

Global Issue 1: Globalization

Global Issue 2: Global Conflicts: From Conflict to Resolution

Global Issue 3: Population Growth

Global Issue 4: Standard of Living

Global Issue 5: Food Supply

Global Issue 6: Health

Global Issue 7: Energy Resources

Global Issue 8: From Civil Rights to Human Rights