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Great War - Journal #15

Hanging Jesus

The Steeple of Albert Cathedral in Northern France.

Speculation was rife as to the supernatural reason for the suspension of Madonna and child.

What is your first name?

What is your last name?


Why do you suppose that many soldiers in World War One, especially on the Western Front, placed a high regard in fate and superstition? Think about their attitudes toward the war and whether they felt they had any control over events.
(Requires Paragraph)


Robert Graves, in Good-Bye to all That.

Before an attack, the platoon pools all its available cash and the survivors divide it up afterwards. Those who are killed can't complain, the wounded would have given far more than that to escape as they have, and the unwounded regard the money as a consolation prize for still being here.

  • Define fatalistic.
    (Requires Sentence)

  • Does the term apply to this situation? Explain.
    (Requires Sentence)

  • Does what they are doing make sense to you? Would you do the same? Explain.
    (Requires Sentence)