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Great War - Journal #7

Delousing, one of the several grim but necessary routines that accompanied trench warfare. It was a never-ending process, because body heat hatched the hard to see eggs.

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How could a system of alliances be both an advantage and a disadvantage?
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Private George Coppard, With A Machine Gun to Cambrai (1969)

A full day's rest allowed us to clean up a bit, and to launch a full scale attack on lice. I sat in a quiet corner of a barn for two hours delousing myself as best I could. We were all at it, for none of us escaped their vile attentions. The things lay in the seams of trousers, in the deep furrows of long thick woolly pants, and seemed impregnable in their deep entrenchments. A lighted candle applied where they were thickest made them pop like Chinese crackers. After a session of this, my face would be covered with small blood spots from extra big fellows which had popped too vigorously. Lice hunting was called chatting. In parcels from home it was usual to receive a tin of supposedly death-dealing powder or pomade, but the lice thrived on the stuff.

  • What was a major problem of front line soldiers?
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  • Describe lice hunting?
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  • What was lice hunting called? How is this word different than you supposed?
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