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Great War - Journal #5

Australian troops on the Western Front use a makeshift mirror periscope to survey the action on 18 May 1918. Among the British Commonwealth Forces, the ANZAC and Canadian Corp were considered elite units and thus suffered proportionately more casualties.

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The start of World War One has often been stated to start with the spark of Franz Ferdinand's assassination in Sarajevo. Why is this explanation much too simplistic?
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Philip Gibbs, after the war in his book The Pageant of the Years (1946).

The cheery optimism of our generals always thought we were going forward, and therefore it was not worth while making ourselves comfortable and safe. We never made a dugout worthy of the name. But the Germans worked like beavers, and after their retreat I went down into dugouts, forty feet deep, connected with passages and with separate exits. Many of them were paneled, and had excellent bathrooms for the officers with a little gadget where the gentleman in the bath might place his cigar during his ablutions - a very German idea.

  • Why did the British generals not care for the comfort of their troops?
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  • Describe the German dug-outs.
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  • Why were the Germans willing to go to such effort?
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