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Great War - Journal #4

Arrest of Princip

The Arrest of Gavrilo Princip

28 June 1914. According to Austro-Hungarian law, capital punishment could not be imposed on someone who was under the age of twenty. Princip therefore received the maximum penalty of twenty years. Gavrilo Princip died of tuberculosis on 28th April 1918.

What is your first name?

What is your last name?


If an assassination occurred, should blame be placed on the nation from which the assassin came? Should the home country be liable? Should it be punished as well as the assassin? Explain.
(Requires Paragraph)


In a letter to his parents, Private Pressey of the Royal Artillery described the quality of the food men were receiving on the Western Front.

The biscuits are so hard that you had to put them on a firm surface and smash them with a stone or something. I've held one in my hand and hit the sharp corner of a brick wall and only hurt my hand. Sometimes we soaked the smashed fragments in water for several days. Then we would heat and drain, pour condensed milk over a dishful of the stuff and get it down.

  • Describe the biscuits British soldiers had to eat while in the front.
    (Requires Sentence)

  • How did the soldiers prepare them for eating?
    (Requires Sentence)

  • Why did they not simply find something better to eat?
    (Requires Sentence)