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A Revolution in Cartography

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Revolution in Cartography

Revolution in Cartography Revolution in Cartography

Answer the following questions from the reading above.

What is cartography?
(Requires Sentence)

What two major developments sparked significant advances in map making in the 15th and 16th centuries?
(Requires TWO Sentences)

Why would curved or rounded lines of latitude make it difficult for sailors to accurately draw straight-line compass courses on maps?
(Requires Sentence)

Who was Gerardus Mercator? What did he invent that is still in use today?)
(Requires 2 Sentences)

Why do you think the printing press could have such a huge impact on map making and exploration?
(Requires Sentence)

Why do you suppose most sailors were aware that the Earth was a globe? (Hint: Think of the horizon and the first part of a ship to be seen.)
(Requires Sentence)