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Bali Bombing

Jakarta, Indonesia - Bali, Indonesia, was a tropical paradise and a hot spot for tourists, but now everything has changed. A bomb blast yesterday in front of the Sari Club on Kuta-Legian Street killed at least 188 people, mostly tourists from Australia and Europe and some Indonesians. Another 300 were injured in the blast, many critically. The club was destroyed along with a number of other buildings around it.

The fact that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world has already led the international community to believe that the blast could be linked to Al Qaeda and its network. The Islamic Jamaah Isamyah (JI) is the group thought to be responsible. JI is already under scrutiny by the U.S. and other nations, suspected of aiding members of Al Qaeda in escaping Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The leader of JI, Abu Bakar Bashir, runs an Islamic boarding school where he is believed to be teaching anti-Western ideas. Some of his followers are wanted by the Indonesian police for a series of bombings in the country and are also wanted by the Malaysian police for links to terrorist activity there. Despite police suspicions that JI might be behind this bloody attack in Bali, further investigation is needed to be sure.

Answer the following questions from the reading above.

The passage would BEST be described as

an editorial.
a news story.
an indictment.
a primary source.

The word scrutiny in the second paragraph most nearly means


JI : Indonesia ::

Jakarta : Bali
Islam : Middle East
Al Qaeda : Afghanistan
Australia : United Kingdom

According to the passage, the reader can conclude that Jamaah Ismyah is

aiding Al Qaeda in terrorist plots.
a Muslim extremist group in Asia.
responsible for the bombing in Bali.
wanted by the U.S. for terrorist acts.

Why do you think Indonesia and Malaysia would be targets for Muslim terrorists?
(Requires Paragraph)