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» The Secretariat of the Pacific Community

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The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is an economic development organization made up of member nations from around the Pacific. It is the main group that works to help the countries in the region develop their trade and technology. Members of the Secretariat include France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and twenty-two island nations. The SPC works to create job programs, develop scientific research, technology, and to teach workers in the islands new and needed skills.

The Pacific Island Region is very diverse, in terms of people, geography, cultures, and economies. Different islands have different needs. People on many islands fish and farm, and these activities offer those nations’ only exports. On other islands minerals provide the main source of income, and a few rely on timber.

Overall Pacific Islanders have low income levels and few products to export, and they are looking for ways to improve their economies. The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is trying to improve the situation so the people there can be healthy and manage their resources successfully.

Answer the following questions from the reading above.

Which of these situations would be of LEAST CONCERN to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community?

Violence breaks out in Papua New Guinea.
An election is held in the United Kingdom.
The price of copra on the world market drops.
A new university opens on the island of Guam.

Which occupation is probably NOT common in the Pacific Islands?

tour guide
phosphate miner
stock broker
plantation owner

What conclusion could be drawn based upon information in the passage?

The Pacific Islands are in need of economic help.
Australia and New Zealand have strong economies.
France holds the most influence in the Pacific region.
New Zealand provides substantial aid to island nations.

Based on what you’ve already learned about the economies of island nations in Oceania, what is one suggestion you would offer to help them develop?
(Requires at least TWO complete sentences.)