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» An EU Representative Speaks: 2004

Read the following and answer the associated questions.

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Adapted excerpt from a Speech by Dr. Javier Solana, EU Security Representative

Ladies and Gentlemen,

. . . The form of terrorism we have been facing, since the atrocious attacks against New York and Washington on 9/11, is new. It is more fanatical, more lethal, more global than anything we have known so far. Terrorism . . . requires a global response. In the European Union Security Strategy we have identified terrorism as one of the key threats facing Europe.

I would like to stress from the outset, that all our efforts in the field of the fight against terrorism relate to the bigger vision. This is the vision we have set out in the EU Security Strategy: to make the world a better place, to make the world more secure. We have identified the threats of the 21st century. Terrorism is one of them. The EU has understood the challenge . . .

At the same time, we will continue to address the underlying causes of terrorism, however difficult this might be. We need to address poverty (and other problems that breed terrorism). . . to fight terrorists, prevent them from acting, thwart their design, track them after an attack. This is best done at the national level.

Many arrests, or disruptions or operations in Europe are the result of cooperation and sharing between services. International cooperation is fundamental in the fight against terrorism . . .

This passage proves that

the EU is the best organization to fight terrorism. terrorism affects Europe more than other regions.
the EU considers terrorism among the issues it should address. terrorism is the greatest challenge for Europe in the 21st century.

Which sentence BEST paraphrases the quote about terrorism, It is more fanatical, more lethal, more global than anything we have known so far.

Terrorists must be tracked down at their global training camps. Terrorism is a deadly threat directed at the nations of Europe.
Terrorism is fiercer and more widespread now than earlier. Terrorists are better trained than ever before in history.

Which of these problems is probably NOT one of the underlying causes of terrorism referred to in the speech?

Poverty Education
Hunger Nationalism

Which sentence states the LEAST LIKELY way the EU would work to stop terrorism?

The EU can work with NATO and other organizations. It can watch people suspected of being involved in plots.
The EU can share information with other governments. It can torture suspects being questioned to gain information.