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» Riding the Rails

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The Eurail is a 100,000-mile network of rail lines extending throughout most of Europe. The rail system began well before World War II as part of the French railroad and later merged with Swiss Railroad. Today the Eurail Group manages a continent-wide rail system with destinations in twenty-five different countries.

Travelling on the Eurail is not only a convenience, but it has also become a tradition. Few tourists that visit the continent fail to take at least one ride on the famed trains. Customers can buy Eurail passes that allow unlimited travel for 15 days, 21 days, or up to 3 months. People under 26 can get a Youth Pass that offers special bargains, and many other packages that offer savings are available.

Today the Eurail has changed and modernized its business. People can arrange for travel @ eurail.com before leaving home, and the company now provides all types of transportation and travel services. The Eurail also links with trains from other European countries. Riding the Eurail is truly an experience. According to the Eurail website, one New York Times writer described it as, When I travel by rail I have a real sense of the journey, not simply speed and arrival . . . Watching the countryside change and hearing new accents arrive on board as the hours pass are the joys of the trip.

Answer the following questions from the reading above.

The Eurail Group would BEST be described as a/an

railroad network.
advertising website.
Internet site.
travel company.

The Eurail is _____ and ______ so many tourists choose to use the trains.

modern . . . original
fast . . . transportation
inexpensive . . . convenient
French . . . covers 100,000 miles

Which statement would explain why tourists might buy a 15 - day Eurail pass instead of paying by the trip?

I can take the Eurail to many destinations in Europe.
Eurail offers several packages that can save money.
The Eurail Group offers many other travel services.
I love seeing the countryside change from the train.

If you were travelling in Europe, which Eurail option would likely offer the best price for YOU to travel? Why?
(Requires Paragraph)