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With a land area of 6.6 million square miles, Russia is the world's largest country. The nation is so big that it spans 11 time zones. Though most of this vast land actually lies on the continent of Asia, its population is concentrated west of the Ural Mountains in Europe. In fact, 3/4 of Russia's people live in the European part of the country.

Since Russia is so large, it is not surprising that it would have a variety of landforms and climates. Most of Russia lies above 50° N. latitude like the northern areas of Canada, so Russia's climate is very cold. In fact, about 3/4 of its land is inside the Arctic Circle. A large region of northern and central Russia, called Siberia, is mainly tundra, forests, and lakes. The tundra is a vast plain on which the ground is frozen throughout the year. While Siberia is rich in natural resources, its cold climate makes it inhospitable to residents.

Russia has several mountain ranges. Besides the Urals in the west, which divide the continents of Europe and Asia, the Caucasus cross the southwestern corner of Russia, the Sayan Mountains and the Yablonovy Mountains are in the south, and the Cherskogo and Verkhoyanskiy Ranges are in the east. The Northern European Plain covers most of European Russia.

Answer the following questions from the reading above.

A good choice for a title for this passage would be

The Largest Land.
West of the Urals.
The Frozen Tundra.
Rich in Resources.

The phrase inhospitable to residents means

the area has many natural resources.
people would not want to live there.
Siberia is a vast, permafrost plain.
3/4 of Russia's people are there.

Which sentence explains why Russia is included in a unit about Europe?

The vast amount of Russian land lies within Asia.
Most Russians live west of the Ural Mountains.
A fourth of Russia is inside the Arctic Circle.
Much of Russia is inhospitable to residents.

Based upon information in the passage, which mountains are MOST LIKELY located on the continent of Europe?


Tundra : Siberia ::

Asia : Europe
Europe : people
Farmland : steppes
Russia : Arctic Circle