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In ancient times Europe was made up of groups of tribes in which people shared common languages and cultures. By the 8th century B.C. the Greeks established the first advanced civilization in Europe. All citizens in Ancient Greece participated in the democratic government they established, and new ideas grew and thrived. Literature, drama, art and architecture, philosophy, science, and medicine developed in a culture that greatly valued learning.

After Greece was defeated by the Macedonians to their north in 338 B.C., Alexander the Great led the Macedonians to build a vast empire. Having been Greek educated and highly respectful of Greece’s learning and culture, Alexander spread its ideas along with his own empire. However, Alexander the Great died young and his lands were divided, soon falling under the influence of the rising Romans.

The Romans adapted and advanced many of the Greek achievements. Ruled first as a republic, a democracy in which people elected leaders to rule for them, a line of emperors later controlled Rome's vast holdings (see map). Latin, the Roman language, spread across Europe, along with roads, literature, philosophy, and architectural designs including arches and domes.

By the time Rome finally fell in 476 A.D., its influence and that of the earlier Greeks had become the fabric of European culture. Though lost for a time during the Dark Ages, the achievements of these advanced ancient civilizations were later revived and continue to influence Europe and the world today.

Answer the following questions from the reading.

According to the passage, ancient Greece and Rome were BOTH

Greek educated.
advanced societies.

The Macedonians were MOST important to European culture because they

defeated the Ancient Greeks.
built a vast empire.
spread Greek achievements.
fell to the Romans.

Explain at least two ways you think Greece and Rome continue to influence Europe and the world today.
(Requires TWO Paragraphs)