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Immense Islands Chart

Locations of Islands

Madagascar - Africa
Borneo, Honshu, New Guinea, and Sumatra - Asia
Great Britain - Europe
Baffin and Greenland - North America

Answer the following questions from the chart above.

The islands on the graph are

all larger than 100,000 square miles. to be found in the Eastern Hemisphere.
all located on the Eurasian landmass. in size order beginning with the largest.

Which statement is NOT true of Madagascar?

It is in the Western Hemisphere. It is larger than Great Britain.
It is over 200,000 square miles. It is Africa’s largest island.

What is the approximate size of the largest island?

900,000 square miles 825,000 square miles
800,000 square miles 775,000 square miles

Which conclusion could be drawn based upon the information provided?

Madagascar is the only island in Africa. New Guinea is the largest island in Asia.
Great Britain is the world’s smallest island. Baffin is the largest island in North America.

There may be more than one answer for each of the following. Keep in mind that the term state is referring to an independent political entity.

Baffin is located in what state(s)?

Borneo is located in what state(s)?

Great Britain is located in what state(s)?

Honshu is located in what state(s)?

New Guinea is located in what state(s)?

Sumatra is located in what state(s)?